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bespoke & custom



we realize Bespoke and Custom Furniture, two similar services with some key differences to note.

Bespoke furniture is designed and manufactured as a completely unique, standalone piece.

Custom furniture takes a pre-existing design and others specific elements based on different style preferences.

Bespoke furnitures are unique pieces that are designed, developed and manufactured from the initial concept idea right the way through to production.

the Bespoke furniture has a lot of benefits: originality, perfect solution and flexibility.

Custom furniture tailors an existing design to your requirements.
the custom tailor-made furniture is able to create the perfect creation based on an existing product.

the benefits of Custom furniture are: no design costs, easier and faster definition.


Bespoke Production, Impronte Consolle
Customized Colors
Customized Colors
Customized Colors
Customized Decoration and Dimensions, 90x100cm

each custom project is pure personalization.

individual inspirations are captured and transformed into an exclusive unique tailor-made creation.

Disain - handmade in Italy         Brescia - Milano - Novara         Evoluzione S.C.   P.IVA 02542440033
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